Our Mutual Friend

by Charles Dickens

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Our Mutual Friend is the last novel completed by Charles Dickens, the greatest novelist of Victorian era whose novels are still widely read all over the world. His masterpieces are A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations.

Our Mutual Friend narrates dramatic moments carried out to identify noble people, by a wealthy man who was about inherit huge wealth. A wealthy miser who made huge fortunes dies and the death does not shatter anyone except the family of Mr and Mrs. Boffin, who had been believed by the miser as faithful employees. The miser in his will mentioned that, his son can inherit the properties including Harmon estate, on condition that he has to marry one Bella Wilfer, whom he never met.

The Harmon estate is now managed by the Boffins till the inheritance takes place and they are anxiously waiting for John Harmon to arrive. Meanwhile a body was found at Thames and the paper evidence says it is John Harmon. Boffins bring Bella to Harmon estate and treate her with affection and care.

Meanwhile a person named John Rokesmith comes to Harmon estate and working as secretary to Boffins and takes care of the estate management. Bella falls in love with John Rokesmith, knowing very well about his poor wealthy status. Boffins warn her not to love him as his poor. Boffins become miser now and they no more support Bella. In spite of warnings from Boffins, she marries John Rokesmith.In the preceding incidents it is revealed that John Harmon is not dead, he only acted as John Rokesmith to identify good people and to testify Bella’s real love with human or money.