Oliver Twist

by Charles Dickens

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Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens, believed to have been inspired or conceived from the author’s own childhood life as a child laborer, as well as from the story of Robert Blincoe as a child laborer in a cotton mill. Dickens has portrayed this novel with the themes of sarcasm and dark humour, which exposes the cruel treatment on the orphan children who are recruited by criminals for unlawful activities.

Oliver Twist, was orphaned from his very first breath due to his mother’s death and unexplained absence of his father and has been under the care of Mrs. Mann in a baby farm. During his ninth birthday, he has been removed from the baby farm and put to work in weaving oakum in the workhouse.

In the preceding incidents, he was taken away from the workhouse and has been under the control of Mr. Sowerberry. Oliver is well treated by Sowerberry, however his wife does not like the boy. Another boy who is jealous of Oliver, takes up a fight with Oliver and abusing his biological mother with bad words. Oliver beats the boy and has been punished by Mrs. Sowerberry. This incident has made him to flee away from there and move to London.

The core story starts during his life at London, where he encounters with a bunch of criminals which moves his life to another dimension as criminal. The rest of the story narrates the unromantic portrayal of criminals and their sordid lives.

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