Wilderness Ways

by William J. Long

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Wilderness Ways is an exploration of wild creatures, written by the American naturalist William Joseph Long, remembered for his writings of wood folk series of books such as Ways of Wood Folk, Secrets of the Woods, A Little Brother to the Bear and Other Animal Studies, Wings of the Forest, Ways of Wood Folk, and Secrets of the Woods.

The author stats in the preface of the book that Most wild creatures have but small measure of gentleness in them, and that only by instinct and at short stated seasons. Hence I have given both sides and both kinds, the shadows and lights, the savagery as well as the gentleness of the wilderness creatures. A study of eight wild creatures are described in this book with the chapters titled as; Megaleep The wanderer; Killooleet, Little sweet voice; Kagax The bloodthirsty; Kookooskoos, who catches the wrong rat; Chigwooltz the frog; Cloud wings the eagle; Upweekis the shadow; and Hukweem the night voice.