Wee Ones' Bible Stories

by Anonymous

Wee Ones' Bible Stories PDF edition and other Anonymous books available for free download from our library.

Wee Ones' Bible Stories is a collection of popular bible stories such as Feeding the multitudes, Jesus calms the tempest, Ruth and Naomi, Moses, Jacob and Esau, The apostle Paul, David, The tower of Babel, and The boyhood of Jesus.

Feeding the multitudes; the story of five small barley loaves and two small fish supplied by a boy were used by Jesus to feed a multitude.

Ruth and Naomi; the story of Ruth and Naomi is one of the sweetest and most touching of all the Bible stories. It shows the beauty of unselfish devotion and constant love, and the happiness which they brought, and teaches a lesson which is very helpful to us all.

Jacob and Esau; Esau and Jacob met and were very glad to see each other, for Jacob had repented of his sin, and God had forgiven him; while Esau forgave him also.