The Time Machine

by H. G. Wells

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WellsThe time machine carrying the traveler and reaches about 800000 years ahead of the traveller’s era. When he gets out of the time machine, he could see humanoid creatures called Elois. Ironically Elois are harmless and gives him fruits to eat. After brief exploration of the area, he comes back and shocked to see the Time machine is not there. He becomes friendly with Elois and save one of them called Weena from drowning.

In search of the time machine, he ends up reaching an area where deadly creatures called Morlocks live. Morlocks resist removing the time machine and they start fighting with him. He accidently opens up firing and many Morlocks are killed. Unfortunately his friend Weena also becomes a victim of the firing.

Escaping from the Morlocks, the traveller starts travelling again and sees indifferent things like giant crabs, motionless sky and thin air. After this he travels back to his era and get out the time machine. Next day he again starts travelling in the time machine and it seems never return back home.