Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen

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Hedda Gabler is a play written by Henrik Ibsen, a Norwegian playwright and poet who is remembered for his realistic plays A Doll's House, Emperor and Galilean, and Peer Gynt to name a few. Hedda Gabler, a drama of realism has received many negative reviews for portraying the heroine as manipulative villain.

Hedda Gabler, the daughter of an aristocrat spends her youth immorally and gets pregnant. In an urge to settle in life, she marries George Tesman, a young academic who continued his research in their honeymoon. Eilert Lövborg, the academic rival of George is now living together with Thea Elvsted who left her husband for Eilert. It is co-incidence both pairs were ex-lovers earlier, that is Hedda had an affair with Lövborg and George had an affair with Thea.

Eilert recently published book, ruins George expectations to become university professorship, as Eilert becomes a competitor. Hedda and George, now in debt and in fear of losing luxurious life, decide to erupt Eilert from university professorship’s race. Hedda sends Eilert along with George to recreate which results Eilert losing his papers which is eventually burnt by George.

Hedda motivates the dejected Eilert to commit suicide with a pistol. Judge Brack, a family friend knowing the involvements of Hedda in the Eilert suicide, blackmails her. In the final moments Hedda kills herself with the gun.