by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

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Frankenstein, a horror novel by Mary Shelley. Victor Frankenstein a student of university of Ingolstadt creates a monster from old body parts. Instead of celebrating his successful research, he started fearing on looking at the monster’s horrific sight. With sleepless nights he wanders around the street and return to his apartment. Shocked to see the monster is no more there. He decided to go to his hometown to regain his health and meet his family.
Evil break out from the Monster, when his creator not accepting to create a mate for him. It ends up in serial killings of the near and dear ones of Victor including his brother, wife, friend and an innocent girl who was adapted by Frankenstein family.

Victor planned to destroy the Monster and his search for him ends up finding the monster in an Island. Before he catch the monster, an iceberg separate them and while drowning Victor was saved by Walton who nurses victor to regain health. Unfortunately Victor dies due to his poor health conditions. After the death of Victor, the Monster meets Wolton and informs him it is going to die in the icebergs as his creator is dead now.