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The Golden Spears
The Golden Spears and other stories, is a collection of Irish fairy tales compiled by Irish writer Edmund Leamy, whose works include Irish Fairy Tales and Irish Fairy Stories for Children.  This collection contains seven stories with illustration such as The golden spears, The house in the lake, The enchanted cave..
Wonderwings and other Fairy Stories
Wonderwings and other Fairy Stories is a small collection of fairy stories written by the New Zealand writer and educationalist Edith Annie Howes. There are three stories in this collection with colorful illustrative pictures such as Wonderwings, The magic mirror, and Fairy Tenderheart. Download Preview Edition ..
The Fairy Godmothers and Other Tales
The Fairy Godmothers and Other Tales is a rare collection of fairy tales which are much lengthier than usual fairy tales and each story spans across more than fifteen pages. This collection was compiled by the English writer Mrs. Alfred Gatty, whose notable writings include The Old Folks from Home, The Book of Sundi..
Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales
Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales is a hard to find collection of fairy tales compiled by Anglican English writer Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing, whose notable children’s novels include  The Story of a Short Life, Jackanapes, Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances, A Flat Iron for a Farthing, and Daddy Darwin's Dovecot. Some of t..
The Book of Nature Myths
The Book of Nature Myths is a collection of mythological stories which narrates the Ancient human’s quest to discover the nature of animals and birds and their biological identity including their appearance and characters. Compiled by Florence Holbrook this collection contains more than thirty mythological stories w..
A Book of Myths
A Book of Myths is a collection of mythological stories around the world compiled by Jeanie Lang.  This collection contains more than twenty five stories and most of them are illustrated with colorful pictures. While most of the stories are based on Greek mythology, which were quoted by popular in popular Greek hi..
My Book of Favourite Fairy Tales
My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales is a collection of old fairy tales compiled by Edric Vredenburg. While the stories are old and very old, what makes this book an entertaining read is its illustration of each story and you will witness charming princes, lovely princess and they are living in beautiful settings with beaut..
Favorite Fairy Tales
Favorite Fairy Tales is a collection of most popular fairy tales from around the world, compiled by The American biographer Logan Marshall, remembered for his melodramatic work of The Sinking of the Titanic. His notable other works include The tragic story of the Empress of Ireland, Life of Theodore Roosevelt, The s..
Myths That Every Child Should Know
Myths are simply the blind beliefs of our ancestors which had been passed on to generations. While it cannot be simply ruled out as superstitious beliefs, it did help the ancestors to convey their experiences. Story telling was the only thing for our ancestors to convey the world about their experiences. While we wr..
Legends That Every Child Should Know
Words are not made like an automobile component, rather they were evolved gradually and grown out of compulsion to narrate and share the experience of an individual to communicate to the peers. In the ancient days countless stories were told by the peasant mothers to their children, who were not having the luxury of..
Folk Tales Every Child Should Know
Folk tales have been narrated rather recorded on the basis of immense belief, fancy and superstitions of human experience. Unlike modern stories, Folk tales had not been carefully written to make the story interesting. Often they were conceived out of a single incident of the original narrator experienced in his lif..
Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know
Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know is a collection of fairy tales which every child should be provided, not just because of its literary form.  The author Hamilton Wright Mabie mentions in the introductory note that fairy tales have always been a poetic recording of the facts of our life. They have been part o..
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